Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On my way back to the hospital

Hi everyone:

I'm heading out the door to the hospital. I spoke briefly with Patty this morning. She continues to have headaches, and still has a low-grade (99+) fever, but sounds a bit more energetic this morning than yesterday. MaryBeth visited yesterday, and Neil is planning to come in today. Kathleen has helped us a great deal with kid coverage, as always.

Last night at home, I sat in the family room with Kathleen and researched gram-negative bacteria. After many online links took me nowhere, I finally found one that seemed to explain things clearly...at least until the third paragraph, when I encountered the word "goat." Kathleen almost burst blood vessels she was laughing so hard.

Gotta run...have a good day. We'll hope for the same for Patty.


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