Friday, November 10, 2006

A horrible night, a horrible day

Hi everyone:

Last night was a horrible night for Patty, and one not much better for me. Patty seems to have picked up some form of bug, and it is hitting her pretty hard. Even with her pain relievers, she is maintaining a low-grade fever--mostly in the 100 range, although it climbed as high as 101.2.

Yesterday evening, Patty had a pretty powerful headache that has carried on through the night and into today. She threw up this morning, and is feeling pretty weak and tired. Her heart rate also seems to be a bit higher than normal, although I would imagine her fever could be causing her heart to work a bit harder.

We'll watch her condition as the day progresses; if she gets any worse, we'll call her doctors. Of course, Patty's fear is that she'll end up in the hospital again. I won't give her a choice if things deteriorate further.

I don't really count, but I also had a terrible night. I couldn't sleep because I kept convincing myself that Patty needed to be monitored. I finally dozed off at around 4:45 am, and promptly had a nightmare. I drifted off again about 30 minutes later, and then had three more mini-nightmares in rapid succession. After that, I pretty much gave up. So, my plan for today is to do some client work, help Patty when I can, and then shoot for a nap sometime later in the day. I'm pretty sure I checked Patty's pulse more than 100 times last night.

I really am worried about Patty. There just seem to be too many things happening that can't easily be explained away as typical side effects of her drugs. I hope I'm worrying without a real basis in fact. We shall see...


P.S. On the positive side, Patty got a haircut yesterday that she's pretty pleased with. Her chemo drugs had thinned her hair; this new "do" makes it less apparent.

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