Friday, April 20, 2007

The blues (good ones)

Hi everyone:

Today has been a pretty low-key day around our home, which is usually the case for our patient on the day after a night out (more on that shortly.) Health-wise, Patty hasn't been great, but then she hasn't been terrible, either; she seldom fares much better than this. Patty has been fine-tuning the cleanliness of our house before Aunt Sue visits in a few hours; other than that, she's been recharging her batteries from yesterday.

Last night, Patty, the kids and I were treated to dinner at Pizza Capri by Neil, and then treated to free tickets to Blue Man Group. That was a fun, amazing show which was at times puzzling ("How did they do that?") and at others absolutely hilarious (you'll never look at Cap'n Crunch the same way again.) As much as I loved the show, though, I derived even greater pleasure from hearing Patty's endless gales of laughter.

It seems that each new experience we have been able to arrange for the kids becomes Connor's "new favorite;" for some reason, I find this incredibly endearing. What's more, it suggests that, with a lot of help from a lot of people, have been able to provide some successful distractions and good memories during a tough time. However, as I mentioned to Patty last night, I missed Devin and Colin deeply, because it only ever really feels like a complete family when we're all together.

After we arrived home last night, Patty and I watched the show "Transplant!" on Discovery Health. I believe it airs again on Saturday or Sunday, if you're interested. On this particular episode, a 61-year-old woman awaiting a heart transplant is being held back from a future by unusually high antibodies. Does this sound at all familiar? What we found a bit queer about the episode was the extent to which they presented plasmapheresis as an arduous, risky, hail-mary kind of treatment, when for Patty this was just another of the many unsuccessful methods of trying to reduce antibodies.


In the lobby after the show (PJ is the photographer)

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Megan Selk said...

you went to Blue Man Group! I've always wanted to go to one of those. I'm glad you guys had fun. ^_^
I wish you the best of health and send you tons of love Patty-OC!