Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vomit, food, work & silence

Hi everyone:
Patty has been doing pretty well again today, which makes me all the more anxious that a new round of Rituxan/Cytoxan is approaching (a week from tomorrow.) It seems insane, at times, that just as Patty is feeling better than usual she voluntarily accepts drugs that make her sick to her stomach. I think it's time for these drugs to start doing what they're supposed to do.
Tonight, we are cooking a pasta dinner and Kelly is having a sleepover. We are going to watch a movie with the kids, as a nod toward getting our family fun night resurrected; we've been trying to plan these, but the rest of life keeps throwing up obstacles.
Patty and I chatted again today about her plans for the next school year. Her hope, if her stamina improves, is to try to return to work in September. We both know that this is an ambitious target, particularly if she has a full day, but it's important to her to try. I'll be supportive as long as it doesn't seem she's making a choice that is detrimental to her health.
That's our story; what's new with everyone? Patty still checks every day for comments, and wishes it wasn't so quiet in here. Of course, we haven't been providing much in the way of comment-worthy content, so I guess I shouldn't comment. Just the same, please say hello whenever you can spare a moment.
P.S. Sox win!!! (whew...)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Patty and Brian:
I have been reading your blog for a few days now I found a post of Brians on the American Heart Association Forum. I was recently diagnosed with Cardiomyapathy. Though I had the flu big shock there. But should have realized father had the same thing. But back to you to. Such support you have together. I hope things work out for the transpant soon for you. You have a lovely family. Take care.... Jean