Sunday, April 15, 2007

The post-infusion blahs

Hi everyone:

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad (I think it's their 45th.)

As I write this, the White Sox have gone 18 innings without scoring a run; in the same stretch, they have allowed six runs (one from a bases-loaded walk) and committed four errors. During today's game, Patty has started to refer to me as "the crabby husband," because I treat each miscue by the Sox as a personal affront. It's probably a good thing I'm not a sports reporter, because one inning I'm presenting the team as the personification of excellence, and the next they're the worst team that has ever graced this earth. Hey -- the Sox just scored a run -- things are looking up!!!

Patty is feeling weak and shaky today, and is battling a headache and shortness of breath. She is also feeling some nausea. I suspect her blood pressure is a little low, as was the case the last time she underwent a Rituxan/Cytoxan infusion. Most times, when Patty feels unusually weak, blood pressure is a factor. Our patient is relaxing on the sofa, and would probably sleep if I would stop yelling at the television. By Tuesday or Wednesday, we should receive Patty's latest PRA numbers.

If anything else of consequence happens, I'll write again. Otherwise, I'll be back with you tomorrow.


P.S. Bob Rohrman commercials -- especially the most recent one, with Angie O'Plasty -- suck away our will to live.

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