Sunday, April 01, 2007

Waw waw wee wah

Hi everyone:

Last night, Patty and I went out for dinner at Francesca's Passagio in Naperville, where our patient took care of her pork chop craving in grand fashion. The timing wasn't right for taking in a movie, so we just had dinner and a drink and spent the later part of our evening at home by the fire. Like an idiot, I forgot to bring the camera with me to dinner, so you'll have to settle for a photo taken after we returned home.

As you can see, Patty was absolutely radiant last night, and her smiles and laughter were flowing freely. There is such a profound difference between this version of Patty and the post-chemo Patty that I sometimes want us to stay up all night so this version can stick around just a little longer. Unfortunately, even at her best Patty has limitations, and the next morning often bears little witness to the joy of the night before. I just love this photo.

This morning, Patty awakened with a headache and some nausea, although she has been improving as the morning has evolved. If our home doesn't blow away (the winds are incredible today), we plan to enjoy a lazy afternoon of DVD watching before our kids return this evening.

Tomorrow marks the start of the White Sox season -- I can't wait. My goal this year is to get to more of the games, because there's something about being there that TV just can't replicate. Go Sox!


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