Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A pinker Patty & Patrick's performance

Hi everyone:

Patty visited Dr. Costanzo this afternoon. As this was only a routine appointment, little of import emerged. The doctor said that Patty's heart and lungs continue to be compensating well, and that she thought Patty was looking especially healthy. To be honest, I also think she has appeared healthier in the last week or so; I'm not sure what this means, medically, but it's nice to see her looking, for lack of a better word, "pinker."

Whenever we get such glowing reports, we find ourselves loosely pondering a question we probably shouldn't be pondering -- that is, if Patty is doing so well, why does she need a new heart right now? Wouldn't it be better to wait until her physical condition makes a transplant a truly urgent need? Of course, when we invest real thought in the matter, we know that many of the negative changes in the past have been fairly sudden, and that a damaged heart always carries with it a real degree of risk, so we have to keep our eyes on the prize. Besides, I would much prefer to see Patty go into a major operation feeling strong than find ourselves in a situation where Patty desperately needs a heart and an appropriate organ can't be found.

After the appointment, Patty took a prescription to be filled, only to find that the date on the prescription was incorrect. She needed the meds, so she had to drive all the way back to the hospital, and then back to the pharmacy. She put in a fair amount of driving time today.

PJ has been practicing daily for his role in his school's production of Damn Yankees! A key cast member recently pulled out of the play, so PJ was promoted to the role of Rocky, one of the two lead ball players. He will sing solo at a number of points during the production. We will, of course, be checking out the show. Damn Yankees! will be performed on May 16, 17, 18 and 19 at the Performing Arts Center in PJ's school. If, by chance, you plan on attending, please let us know so that perhaps we can see the show together.

Please keep Patty's brother Kevin and his wife Sharon in your thoughts and prayers; they have both been feeling grim for several days, and could really use a change in fortune.



Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and Patty;Thoughts and prayers are providing a turn around. I know Brian You don't really believe in God, but you do have to give credit where credit is due. On my night table Patty's name is written at the top of the list of people to pray for healing. there is an addendum that states "Not my feeling ,but you healing.

Love and Respect

Anonymous said...

Apologies to you and Patty if my last post seemed harsh. Love and Respect