Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Up next: Irish dancing

Hi everyone:

Patty had a bit of a rough morning, with some uncomfortable stomach cramping and nausea, but seems to have come around through the afternoon. She's enthusiastically preparing a roast pork dinner for the kids.

The kids had an abbreviated school day today, and have another tomorrow. We are all heading downtown tomorrow for Riverdance, for which Patty was given tickets by the show's producers. Patty has always wanted to see the show, so she is very excited. Some of you may not know that Patty learned Irish dancing as a child, and can, on rare occasions, be convinced to try a step or two. She's still pretty good.

On Friday, Patty will undergo yet another round of Rituxan/Cytoxan, and will ship another vial of blood for PRA testing. Now that we've had a close call, though, we're not sure how much importance to attach to these numbers. Hopefully, there's something in this drug regimen that is making a difference, even if on the surface the numbers don't seem encouraging.


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