Thursday, April 26, 2007

A decent stretch

Hi everyone:

Patty is feeling pretty well today (after a solid night of sleep), and has ambitions to prepare a nice dinner for the family tonight. I'm really liking how healthy she has looked when I've been snapping recent pictures; for the longest time, she seemed so gaunt and pale, and I would need to snap many photos before finding one I thought was a good one. Today, I've taken only one photo -- the one to the left. I think Patty looks great. She has had a pretty good streak of days over the last little while; I hope she can keep it going.

Patty has hosted high school students in our home twice this week to help them photograph their art portfolios. I think she's enjoyed the visits, which make her feel like she's working again, albeit in a reduced role. I am worried about her return to work, but also know that it means a great deal to her. Finally, she may be able to realize her dream of teaching her own kids. And to those of you who either work with Patty or are taught by her, I'm asking you to make sure she doesn't overdo things, as is her wont.

Last night, I posted copies of the past several days' blog entries on the bulletin board at Kicker's; one of the bartenders encouraged me to do so, as this has helped acquaintances keep up with Patty's progress. A friend of ours, Chuck, asked if I was sharing good news; I said that, for all intents and purposes, I was really posting NO news. I admitted that I'm actually a bit embarrassed about how uneventful our lives seem, at times, especially since we've put a part of them on public display. We agreed that a boring blog entry was better than sharing bad news, even if it doesn't make for spicy reading.

Exciting times ahead...


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