Sunday, April 22, 2007

A busy weekend

Hi everyone:
We've been having a fun, busy weekend. Aunt Sue has stayed with us since Friday evening, and is returning to Milwaukee later this morning. After we picked Sue up at the Route 59 Metra station, she treated us to dinner at Francesca's Passagio. While there, we ran into Mark Goodwin, one of Patty's cardiologists from Edward Hospital; I would say, "Small world," except that Patty has enough doctors now that it would be a surprise if we didn't run into one every so often.
Yesterday, Kathleen came over for a visit, and then Luke and Nora dropped in on their way back from camping at Starved Rock; they stayed for lunch with us while I fretted about the late innings of the White Sox game. Nora is such a sweetheart (no offense, Luke.) In the late afternoon and evening, we sat around our fire pit, and then used the pit to grill some steaks (which always taste amazing when grilled over wood.)
Today, we are dropping Sue back at the Metra station, and then Patty is going to a small birthday bash for MaryBeth, who is 50!!!!! (shh...)
If anything else of note happens today, I'll write again. Enjoy the weather.
From Friday afternoon

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Luke said...

No offense taken! I had a great time. Thanks for the delicious sandwiches, and best of all the great memories. I especially liked that Nora couldn't recognize Joe in his high school soccer photo :)