Saturday, April 07, 2007


Hi everyone:

This waiting is nerve-wracking. Patty and Kelly have gone to Nicole's shower, while I stay back with the boys for the "yay or nay" call. Both Patty and I are inclined to believe nothing will come of this, but the possibility is exciting, after so much waiting for something that seemed like good news.


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Anonymous said...

How beautifully appropriate that Patty may receive her transplant at Easter-time. It makes Easter’s underlying story of hope and love shimmer with new beauty. We will, as always, keep Patty and her family in our prayers and will pray also for the donor’s soul and the generosity of spirit that his or her family has demonstrated in making a new life possible for a lucky recipient, who will – we all hope, be Patty.

Optimistically, and with every good wish,

Brigid (Kane) & Phil Biggio