Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prom Night

Hi everyone:
PJ attended his first prom last night, at the Roundhouse in Aurora. He and Kelsey were, of course, subjected to the requisite photo op before leaving for the night. Patty and I were both coming at them with cameras; the photo to the right was taken by our patient. Patty gushed to the extent that at one point I believe she was on the verge of squealing; she will deny this, of course, but I have witnesses. She was a Mom pretty impressed with the look of her kid (and his date, of course.)
Last night, we cooked burgers on the firepit and then joined Connor and Kelly outside to watch the fire while they roasted marshmallows. It ended up being like a family night with reduced membership.
Today, Patty seems to be retaining some fluid, as evidenced by slight swelling of her feet and hands. Although this is a common heart failure symptom, it has rarely been an issue for Patty. In fact, Patty is often so "dry" (the doctors' term) that she has been encouraged to eat more sodium-rich foods. Perhaps not today, though.
I plan to work on client work today, while Patty and Kelly are watching Sophie's Choice. PJ has gone off for breakfast with his friends, and Connor is outside. And I'm pretty certain the Sox are going to prevail in the rubber match against the Angels; otherwise, the balance between good and evil in the world (also known as the American League) will be out of whack.
More pics below...

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