Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thoughts for Kathleen

Hi everyone:

Patty awakened at 5:15 with stomach pain, dozed off again at around 9am, and then didn't emerge from her slumber until after noon (without the stomach issues, thankfully.) In spite of her late start, she is still feeling tired as I write this. I've been keeping busy with client work today, so I've only been watching the Sox game peripherally--which is a blessing given that Sox pitchers have been grossly underperforming for a second consecutive day. To this point, only Aardsma has been impressive. I'm fairly certain I'm making Patty crazy with my many deep sighs and occasional tantrums, particularly since we're only in game two of the season.

Kathleen underwent a complete gastrointestinal workup today (upper GI and colonoscopy) at St. Joseph's Hospital in Joliet. They found 14 polyps in her colon, and pre-ulcerative irritation in her stomach lining. Our understanding is that doctors don't feel there is any immediate cause for worry, although she may need to wait as much as a month to receive conclusive results. Kathleen is at home and is resting after a long (and none-too-comfortable) day; we hope she'll be feeling better in short order.


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