Thursday, April 12, 2007

A great family night

Hi everyone:
Tonight, Patty, the three kids and I attended a performance of Riverdance, at the Auditorium Theatre. We were the guests of Jesse, the company manager -- thank you, Jesse, for the wonderful seats. Everyone had a great time; surprisingly, Connor was most effusive in his praise. He said that of all the special events we've enjoyed, this was his personal favorite.
There truly are few things more heartwarming than seeing your wife and kids looking completely happy, as though they were entirely free of any worries. The kids were thrilled that Patty was able to be a part of things, as was I, especially since Patty was energetic and enthusiastic. At one point, I heard Patty's feet doing some Irish dancing under her chair. The only thing that would have improved the night would have been if Devin and Colin could have come along; we miss them a lot.
Patty is scheduled for yet another round of Rituxan/Cytoxan tomorrow, starting at 8:30 am. Dr. Costanzo has tweaked the pre-medication regimen for this round, in the hopes Patty may be able to avoid some of the nausea and headache that has accompanied previous infusions. Keep your fingers crossed.
Patty had a nice, long conversation with her boss today. Patty is really missing the interaction with students, and with other work colleagues, and is hoping to return for the start of the next school year. Her doctors agree that this should be a good thing for her, both mentally and physically, provided she doesn't overdo things. The school is trying to accommodate a part-time schedule for Patty, for which she is very grateful; we had been worried that a full-time role would be too taxing on her, at least for now. All of these plans may be moot if Patty gets a new heart in the summer, but it does give her a goal to shoot for. I still have some mixed feelings about all of this, but I know it's important to her, and I trust her judgement, so we'll see what happens.
It's getting late, and I want to unwind with Patty for a while, so I'll sign off. More soon...

At the Auditorium Theatre (a beautiful venue)

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