Monday, September 25, 2006

An evening of catching up

Hi everyone:

Last night, we were treated to dinner by Theresa Nugent, a college friend of Patty's. We saw Theresa at the fundraiser a couple of months ago, but this was the first opportunity for she and Patty to get caught up. When several years elapse between discussions, many things can have changed, and this certainly was the case with the stories shared last night. We had a nice time, and hope we'll be seeing more of Theresa in the near future.

Not much has happened so far today. Patty will be taking magnesium supplements for the immediate future, because blood tests revealed her levels were on the low side of normal, which could be a factor in causing irregular heart rates. Patty tried again to get answers on the Zofran issue, and I wrote a letter to executives of the insurance company also pushing for a suitable solution. We'll see what happens.

If anything of note transpires, we'll be back...


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Ron & Shari said...

Patty & Brian,

HI THERE! Sorry we haven't been in touch but we went out of town for our anniversary--Had a wonderful time!
Sorry to hear about Patty's 1st experience with the zap of the defib. I'm glad it did it's job though...Insurance companies SUCK and I hope this drug issue can be resolved in Patty's favor.
Glad you enjoyed your time at the Allegro and concert. It sounded great.
We need to get together when Patty's feeling up to it and it fits your family schedule.
Talk to you soon and as always we're thinking about you!
Shari & Ron