Thursday, September 28, 2006

Zofran -- the sequel????

Hi everyone:

Okay, okay, this time it's official -- Patty has finally been approved by her insurer for 30-day supplies of Zofran (the drug that mostly keeps her from throwing up.) Between MaryBeth, who has worked tirelessly to guide Patty through the insurance/disability quagmire, and Danni, a liaison between Patty's school and the insurance company, I think Patty is feeling like she's surrounded by guardian angels these days. What's more, Danni was able to help get the ball rolling on some new medical coverage for me -- thanks also to our friend Chuck for the suggestion. Of course, we are both grateful to everyone else who seems to have our backs at every turn.

Last night, Kathleen brought Patty a book about sisters, and brought me a pumpkin pie (my favorite.) Today, Patty's colleague Heather visited with her young daughter Skyler. We also had a second visit from the photographer from the Aurora Beacon -- this time to capture some candid shots of our family in action. An article about Patty and the family will be published within a few weeks. Patty seems to be enjoying several rounds of Warhol's "15 minutes of fame."

Connor enjoyed reading the comments about his blog entry, and has hinted that he may want to craft another submission. I think we should let him...don't you?

PJ and Patty worked today on a handmade mask for the masquerade ball that is part of his school's homecoming. Had Patty been well enough to work this school year, she would have had PJ as a student; I think this at least gave her a taste of that experience.

So, all in all, today was relatively uneventful -- nothing wrong with that.


Maskbuilding 101

Patty loves these pics of PJ and Connor -- two lucky shots in one day

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