Sunday, September 17, 2006

A fun night

Hi everyone:

Last night was, in a word, amazing. Both bands -- Augustana and Snow Patrol -- were incredible performers. You can record my official position on this right now -- Snow Patrol will very soon be the #1 band in this country, just as they are now in England and Ireland. Within a year, they will be bigger than Coldplay. Gary Lightbody, their lead singer, has an amazing voice, as do the band's backing vocalists. The band's lyrics are moving, and their performance of them just adds to the impact. For some time, I have admired their musical talent. Now, though, I have reason to admire them as people.

Tom, who plays keyboards, talked to me like I was a friend he had missed. Nathan, the lead guitarist, made a special point of shaking Patty's hand both when he met her and when she was about to leave -- in fact, he told Patty to shake his hand before she left. Gary declined Patty's offer of a handshake, and instead gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Neil, their tour manager, clearly made an effort to make sure the Riviera Theatre knew that Patty was a special guest of the band. We didn't stay long, but I actually felt a bit disappointed that we won't likely have another chance to hang out with them -- they really seem like good guys.

I am so happy that Patty had a good time. I am also so happy, and touched, that so many people keep doing everything they can to make Patty's struggles seem like less of a burden. Sometimes, she even gets to feel spoiled...and, under the circumstances, that's okay with me.


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Anonymous said...

Patty & Brian,
I'm so pleased that you had a good time at the concert and that Snow Patrol was so gracious to you. I'll have to find and listen to their music!
We missed you at my condo Saturday night -- the family was great and took away MUCHO stuff to lighten the load for me in moving. I am grateful.
I'll talk to you soon.
Love, Sue