Friday, September 22, 2006

Zofran problems redux

Hi everyone:

Well, last night and today have thus far been pretty frustrating for Patty. We had been led to believe by Patty's insurer that she would be covered for two Zofran doses daily if she agreed to receive the pills via mail order. Last night, we received a letter from the mail order pharmacy saying that they could not process the order because the insurer would only cover 30 pills at a time, which is less than the 60-day minimum needed for mail order. This of course left Patty in tears, because this whole process seems to have become an enormous albatross.

Patty is going to call the insurer again, to see if there was some mistake that can quickly be resolved. If that doesn't work, I'm going to write a letter to executives at the insurance company. There is a point at which a comedy of errors ceases to be amusing, and I think we've reached that point. The most absurd aspect of all of this is that Patty's doctors have told her that the next best solution would be to hospitalize her, which will cost far more than the $90 per day these pills cost.

On Wednesday, I went with PJ and his girlfriend Kelsey to see five bands at the House of Blues. The show started at 5:45 pm and still wasn't finished when we left at 10pm. Although I wasn't a huge fan of any of the bands, and I felt pretty ancient compared to much of the audience, I really liked to see PJ being relaxed and happy. He jumped pretty much non-stop for the last hour we were there; you can't get kids to exercise that much, otherwise. Our original plan was to head for home at 9pm, but that would have meant the kids would not have seen Sugarcult, the headline band. We arrived back in Aurora at 11:45pm -- pretty late for a school night, but okay for an exception. I'm not sure I'll be signing on for many more such nights, but I do like to spend time with the kids on their terms, sometimes.

I have made a commitment to myself, and to Patty, not to watch the remaining White Sox games this season. I get so wound up watching the games that I'm pretty much unbearable to be around -- so, unless there is some minor miracle that puts the Sox in the playoffs, I'll take a break for now and recharge my enthusiasm for next season. As silly as this sounds, I am really blue that they didn't perform better down the stretch. Based on the result of last night's game, I'm thinking my new plan reflects some good judgement.

In case you're wondering about today's photo, here's the deal -- every time PJ takes pictures of Kelly, she strikes this "glam" pose. I asked Patty to try to replicate the pose; I think she did pretty well, no?

We don't have the kids this weekend. Patty is hoping to be foreman while I do some of the garden clean-up she's been wanting done for some time. We may pop out to do some karaoke tonight, depending on how our patient feels. Other than that, I think the plan is to just take things easy. More soon...


Patty took this picture of me at lunch yesterday

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