Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ho hum

Hi everyone:

There's not much happening today -- just sitting around, mostly, and of course eating and eating and eating. Round two of plasmapheresis takes place tomorrow, followed by IVIG and, with luck, a release sometime Saturday evening or Sunday. We're hoping that this will mark the end of hospitalizations for a little while.

MB visited for a while this morning, and Kathleen is here as well. Patty is happy to be on the third floor, instead of the fifth, because the amenities seem more current. The nurses are wonderful, and are gracious enough to laugh at most of my bad jokes.

I had a brief conversation this morning with a reporter from the Aurora Beacon. She will be visiting us at home next week to discuss a possible story about Patty's situation.

The highlight of the past 24 hours, I think, was the full-speed piggyback run down the hospital hall last night -- hey, you have to fill the hours somehow.


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