Friday, September 08, 2006

Round two of plasmapheresis is complete

Hi everyone:

Patty finished her second round of plasmapheresis today -- which took 77 minutes in total. We find it somewhat amazing that the machine works so fast to move blood out of and back into the body.

Unlike yesterday, doctors transfused Patty with some additional human plasma, which made her feel a little queasy. I was reassured by the blood bank doctor that the plasma is free of antibodies and is therefore no cause for concern as regards Patty's PRA.

Patty experienced a common, temporary side effect of the process -- tingling around the mouth -- which apparently is a consequence of some lost calcium. Her blood pressure is a little on the low side today, as well, which is also pretty common for patients undergoing the process. I should be back to you with more details after the transplant team does its rounds.


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