Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A mediocre Wednesday

Hi everyone:

Patty has been having a "typical" day -- more nauseous in the early morning than later on, but mostly able to function if not thrive. She awakened twice during the night with stomach troubles, so I imagine she'll run out of steam sometime this afternoon. She is being fairly active today. To some extent, this is a good thing, because she has been encouraged to move around; however, Patty does get winded pretty easily, and doesn't always heed my admonitions to take a break. Please feel free to give her a hard time.

Late this afternoon, I'm going to travel into the city to attend a Sugarcult concert at House of Blues with PJ and his girlfriend Kelsey. I'm not sure it will be the thrill that the Snow Patrol concert was, but we'll see what happens. Patty will relax at home with Kelly and Connor.

If anything else happens, I'll be back in touch.


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Ashley said...

Hey it's Ashley. Considering the fact that all of us miss you so much i was thinking about having a get together day. Go down by the river or some natur-ey area and have a cook out and just hang out. This way you guys wont have to do anything but we can all still get together. Get back to me or just relay messages to P.j. cuz were in first hour together.
<3 ya and miss you mas,