Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More of the same, unfortunately

Hi everyone:

In the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock threw up after eating one of many meals at McDonald's. In a classic reversal of this formula, Patty requested a meal from same as a means to relieve her nausea. For the most part, and so far, the Big Mac, fries and a chocolate shake have worked. I think we should get some free meals for the plug, and for the photo full of product shots. Patty's skin tone might not be much of a product ad, though. She's been pretty pale these days.

I didn't write apologies. To be honest, it's hard to write some days, when all that transpires is nausea and vomiting from morning to night. All this does is highlight how helpless we are in helping our patient. Besides, I try to explain to Patty that on the days that the Sox lose, her problems seem to pale by comparison. Okay, okay, settle down...what I meant to say is that her problems are similar by comparison. Tough crowd...

Patty felt ill yesterday and even worse today. She started her morning with what I've heard Kevin refer to as "yawning in technicolor." As you might imagine, Patty is becoming quite frustrated by the constant battle with her digestive system. The most discouraging aspect of this is that we know she will need to stay on many of these drugs for a very long time, if not the rest of her life.

Patty's insurance company has been hard to sway on giving Patty enough of the antiemetic Zofran to keep her stomach under control. We think Patty may have made some progress on this front today, by working out a mail-order-drug arrangement. Having said this, if anyone out there in the medical field has samples of Zofran kicking around the office, please send them our $45 per pill, they're not cheap.

With every passing day, I admire Patty more and more. She can spend an entire morning and most of an afternoon struggling non-stop against gastrointestinal distress, and still finds enough strength to be warm and pleasant with the kids when they get home from school. Through all of this, she continues to be a wonderful mother, wife and friend. I'm a lucky guy.


P.S. That last segment sounded a bit like one of the old ads for Enjoli -- remember? Go Garcia, go Sox...

Feeling just well enough to socialize briefly last night

Is it the most vile, frightening and evil force in the universe -- or is it just Kathleen? You be the judge... Love ya, kiddo...

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Anonymous said...

Muhuhahahahah to all you puny humans that have to pay full price on mcdonalds food.

Miss you deeply,

p.s. When i am i going to be able to come down. htis job has caused nothing but trouble for me...erg!