Friday, September 15, 2006

Zofran the Magnificent

Hi everyone:

So far--and this is said with much knocking on wood--two doses of Zofran a day seem to be doing the trick in helping to manage Patty's nausea. Although she still experiences moments of queasiness, she has not been battling the constant urge to throw up.

Today, Patty has been doing some light laundry and other domestic tweaks, and has been putting together an extensive list of items she absolutely must have for a single night out on the town. To give you an idea, among the items on this list are complete clothing choices for both Saturday and Sunday, detailed right down to the underwear. She has even reminded herself that for Sunday she will need socks. This commitment to lists is perhaps the only reason Patty hasn't yet added Altzheimer's to her ever-growing list of ailments.

I spoke yesterday with the road manager for Snow Patrol's current U.S. tour. Barring any major unforeseen complications, we're on for tomorrow night. We're both pretty excited--this is a big event for us these days. Although the special events like the concert tomorrow are wonderful, we have really enjoyed taking advantage of any moment in which Patty is feeling well. It's funny, but when Patty is able to join me on an errand, such as a trip to the grocery store, it now seems like a date.

Our neighbors Jim and Trish visited briefly last night, and invited us -- their treat -- to join them for a night at a bed-and-breakfast in Naperville in late October (Thanks, guys.)

That's it for now. The kids are leaving for the weekend shortly, so I think we'll opt for an early night so that our patient preserves her energy.


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