Friday, September 08, 2006

TGIF? What the hell difference does it make?

Hi everyone:

Friday, Monday...whatever...half the time we can't even tell what day it is.

As I write this, we are waiting for the plasmapheresis folks to arrive for Patty's second go at the procedure. She has been receiving heparin shots to keep her blood from clotting during the process; as you can see from this photo, she's collecting a few bruises on her torso from all the injections, which Patty describes as "the most painful shots I've ever been given."

Unfortunately, the heparin has worked so well at thinning Patty's blood that they will likely need to transfuse some plasma as part of the procedure. This, of course, immediately made me panic a little about introducing new antibodies into Patty's system. I guess we need to invest a little faith, here, though; I presume this plasma has been stripped of antibodies. I can worry about just about anything, though, when it concerns Patty; hopefully, it doesn't become a burden to others too often.

Patty is having a pretty good day, although it started out a little rough. The pharmacy here still seems to be brutally out of sync with Patty's meds regimen -- as a consequence, Patty threw up early this morning. If the plasmapheresis starts soon, we may be able to start IVIG infusions later today and could be out of here sometime later tomorrow. Of course, we've learned many times now that getting too excited about leaving this place usually leads to disappointment.

More soon...


Tackling some work from my new UCH "office" -- thanks again, Luke

We're still finding ways to laugh and goof off these days

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