Thursday, September 14, 2006

New and improved?

Hi everyone:

Patty started the morning feeling under the weather and depressed but, after taking Zofran early in the day for the first time, describes her state now (10am) as "a million times better than yesterday." Not too many people would count "not too sick" as a good day, but we have to play with the cards we're dealt for now. I want so much for doctors to discover just the right mix of meds to make Patty truly comfortable and energetic. I can see the toll the sickness has been taking on her, emotionally, even though she largely succeeds at masking it from others.

Patty's blood was drawn today, so that doctors can check her white blood cell count, which had been low over the weekend. I'll share the results when they come in. Her PRA will not be checked until late in the month. Of course, we're both impatient and somewhat apprehensive about that result.

We're looking forward to the weekend, and hope Patty's body doesn't betray her before the concert on Saturday. We're like teenagers in our excitement about this night out; it's really rather pathetic. Our plan is to really take it easy on Friday night, so that Patty's batteries are fully charged.

Today, we have some errands to run and a reporter visit in the early afternoon; other than that, I'll just work on keeping Patty from wearing herself out.


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