Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A few housekeeping details

Hi everyone:

Connor's blog entry is certainly going to be a tough act to follow, so I'm going to try to keep this brief. As for his comments, suffice it to say that Patty and I both struggled against tears, and are so proud of this fine young man.

Patty had a mediocre day today, with a fair amount of nausea in the morning. She's quite pleased with herself that she's mustered the strength to go on brief walks for two consecutive days. Also, generally, her appetite seems to have become more consistent over the past short while. So, these are the smaller blessings we have come to embrace these days.

Tomorrow and Thursday, we will have more visits from the reporter and photographer from the Aurora Beacon. On Monday, Patty will have her blood drawn for the next PRA test. On Tuesday and Thursday, she will have plasmapheresis as an outpatient at UCH, and on late Thursday and Friday she will receive her next rounds of IVIG at home. Unfortunately, the insurance company is also starting to balk at the IVIG infusions, because they regard this treatment as non-essential. The bottom line here seems to be that insurance companies are pure businesses, and their customers are statistics rather than flesh-and-blood. Don't get me wrong -- I believe they have a right to earn money -- but to make so many choices based on poorly but rigidly defined parameters seems foolish on many fronts.

Wow, I'm so impressed with Connor right now. I'm amazed by all my kids. I'm amazed by my wife. And, man oh man, do I wish I could be impressed with the White Sox -- next year, perhaps?


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