Monday, December 04, 2006

Color me skeptical

Hi everyone:

How's that for a sunny, optimistic-sounding subject? Specifically, I'm referring to the decision to cut Patty's milrinone in half (starting this afternoon) and then, if she tolerates its absence well, to remove it from her drug regimen entirely (at least for a while). This would mean that Patty would no longer be lugging around a portable pump 24 hours a day, provided she holds up well without the milrinone.

My skepticism is borne of the experience Patty had in the past when her milrinone was reduced; within 24 hours, she was showing pronounced symptoms of heart failure. Of course, I'm entirely supportive of any move that makes Patty feel more like part of the human race again, and I respect her doctors a great deal, but I just have a nagging hunch that this will be a failed experiment. We shall see...

Patty and I visited Dr. Costanzo this morning to discuss the milrinone plans, to deal with some red tape related to medical insurance, and to chat briefly about future plans. Our understanding is that plasmapheresis will be continued, in combination with the drug rituximab. The doctors feel our worries about this newest medicinal addition are mostly unfounded, so we're going to try to let go of the anxiety and see what happens. We're expecting to hear from the docs at UCH soon with specifics of what, when and where.

PJ and a friend from school won second place in a public speaking competition in Morris this past weekend. We were, and are, pretty proud. His hard work is paying dividends.

Patty's brother Kevin has been selected as a finalist for the position of Superintendent of Oak Park River Forest High School. This Wednesday, December 6, at 8pm, public forums will be held as part of this process. If you live in Oak Park or River Forest, or know of others who do, please encourage them to attend to show their support for Kevin. You may recall from earlier blog entries that Kevin, his wife Sharon and their family all played key roles in the fundraiser for Patty and in providing support to our family many times since. Good luck, Kevin.

More if it happens...


P.S. Today's photo reflects the latest craving of Patty's -- large servings of cottage cheese with tomatoes at least once a day. The very thought makes me nauseous.

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