Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The jury is still out

Hi everyone:

Patty has gone about 28 hours now on a reduced dose of milrinone. Today, she found herself largely incapable of doing anything other than resting in bed or on the sofa. I suspect the reduction in milrinone is a factor, although it's not uncommon for Patty to have stronger days and weaker days. To me, this seemed like an uncharacteristically weak day, particularly for the post-Cytoxan period.

If Patty is equally weak tomorrow, I'll be even more inclined to blame the decreased dosage. Based on what the doctors have told us, there really should be no change in Patty's symptoms, because milrinone is quickly eliminated from the body. In other words, if there were going to be problems, they should have made an appearance very shortly after the milrinone was reduced. There's a part of us that still wants to trust our hunches, though.

We confirmed arrangements for the return of Devin and Colin on Christmas Eve. This time, the boys will stay six nights. It never seems like enough.

Tonight, Patty and I plan to watch another of the many Christmas movies I've been recording. Most are really bad, but some are watchable (for example, The Christmas Box last night was rough around the edges, but wasn't painful...most of the time.) The good holiday movies are the ones everyone knows. I have to admit that I've become a total sponge for all things Christmas-related this year.

That's it for now. I'll provide an update on our patient tomorrow.


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