Sunday, December 31, 2006

Minor medical updates

Hi everyone:

On Friday, Patty submitted data from her pacemaker/ICD, via phone, to Edward Hospital. An hour or so later, the technician called back to share the findings with Patty. Two events were flagged by the software. First, in late November, Patty narrowly missed receiving another shock from her ICD when her heart went out of its normal rhythm; Patty remembered this event, because she felt suddenly and severely dizzy.

The second event was a 58-minute period during which the top part of Patty's heart was beating out of sync with the bottom. Although this does not result in a shock, it is apparently a source of concern because it can be a factor in dangerous clotting. We expect that Patty will be tested further to determine what, if anything, this means in terms of her care.


P.S. Here's another photo from last night. About 15 minutes later, Patty went into her "deflation" mode and we hurried back to the hotel.


Anonymous said...

patty and brian

i hope you have a great time this weekend. you both deserve this time
happy new year .....

love kathleen

Anonymous said...

I hope that the new year is a better one for your family, with much better health for Patty. Happy New Year!!!