Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twas the night before the night before Christmas

Hi everyone:

I took this photo of Patty last night. I wasn't happy with her efforts at smiling, so I tickled with one hand and snapped the photo with the other. Patty hates the picture; I think it's great.

Today, neither Patty nor I are feeling particularly well. Patty's stomach has been upset since the middle of the night, and she feels very tired. We didn't drag ourselves out of bed until noon today, and I think we may crawl back in for a late afternoon nap. With no kids around, it's a luxury of which we like to take advantage.

This evening, Patty and I plan to run to the grocery store to pick up potatoes for tomorrow's Christmas Eve dinner at Kevin's house. Other than that, we have few ambitions for today. Tomorrow will be a busy day, for sure, so it's probably best for our patient to take it easy.


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