Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rescued from gloom

Hi everyone:

I said that I would try to write again this evening. Before I share any other details, I should explain the "gloom" I reference in the title, and the "rescue" to which I allude. As most of you may know about me by now, I am joined at the hip on one side with Patty, and on the other with my digital camera. At times, Patty must have the patience of Job, because she literally faces the lens dozens of times each and every day with only a minimum of protest. I rarely leave the camera at home, because I fret that something important will happen and I'll have nothing tangible with which to recall the moment.

This brings us to the gloom. When we left the party tonight, I did remember to bring along my one "hip"; Patty was in the car for the trip home. However, I somehow managed to leave my camera behind. About half-way home (30 mins into the drive), Patty asked if I had remembered it, and a pall fell over the car. To hear me describe the situation at the time, Christmas was officially ruined. I tried to keep my mood light the rest of the way home, but I just felt distressed that I wouldn't have any photos of Christmas morning.

Okay, on to the rescue. After we arrived at home, Patty had a pow-wow with the children, and they decided together that I should open just one of my gifts. When I opened the box, I found an amazing gift--a new and improved camera. I had wanted this camera for some time -- in part because of a need within my business, and in part because I want to take the best photos possible of Patty and the kids. I think this is a pretty happy outcome from a fairly distressing situation, don't you?

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Patty's extended family tonight. In total, 42 people convened at the Oak Park home of Kevin, Sharon and their kids. The food was amazing, although Patty and I really underestimated the extent to which the collective appetites of the many children had expanded -- we brought far fewer potatoes than we should have. Other than this faux pas, though, the evening was wonderful. Kevin and Sharon clearly put a tremendous amount of effort into planning the evening. What's more, they're preparing a meal for 25 more people (Sharon's clan) tomorrow night.'re completely insane, but we love you for it.

I need to wrap this up. At some point, I'll share some of the photos I took this evening. Tomorrow, though, I'll snap and share some pics of our family tearing into gifts. I hope all of you enjoy as special a holiday as we have been having. I'm sure others would challenge me on this boast, but I often believe I am the most blessed person in the world.


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