Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Move over, Bennifer and TomKat..meet Britricia!

Hi everyone:

Sorry to be so entirely boring, but we had yet another relatively low-key day today. We did, however, manage to get haircuts, so we'll once again be the best looking adults at the family Christmas gathering. It seemed like it was pretty much a slam-dunk, anyway, but we wanted to clinch it; beauty can sometimes be such a burden. Anyway, here is a photo of our nicely coiffed heads. Please feel free to frame copies and display them in your homes.

From three different sources within the school district (and many individuals comprising those sources,) we have been given very generous gifts in this week prior to Christmas. We can only begin to express our gratitude for these and the many other acts of kindness with which we've been showered this year. To all of you who have contributed to these gifts, please accept the thanks of our entire family.

The only things we expect this week on the medical front are some results from the bloodwork of last week, and a routine appointment on Friday with Dr. Costanzo. If anything comes of these discussions, we'll of course be sure to share.


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Anonymous said...

What a cozy picture!!