Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A minor, late update

Hi everyone:

I'm writing mostly because I just felt like writing again...and felt justified doing so since I'm providing a minor update on Patty's symptoms. In addition to the fatigue, which continues but hasn't been as severe tonight as I had worried it would be, Patty seems to be retaining more water than usual. Both her hands and feet are a little puffy, and her rings are quite tight. Presumably, since milrinone is a vasodilator (that is, it opens blood vessels), reducing the dosage would tend to make one more susceptible to swelling.

The symptom I worried most about, and most expected to see -- shortness of breath -- hasn't really been a problem as yet, although Patty has not been especially active. I'm somewhat encouraged by this, but also remain a bit apprehensive. If Patty's faring pretty well tomorrow, I'll feel like I fretted unnecessarily, as is my wont.

Tonight's Christmas flick was A Holiday Affair, starring Robert Mitchum and a very young Janet Leigh -- two thumbs up from these reviewers.

Sleep well.


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Sue Osetek said...

Patty & Brian,
I saw The Bishop's Wife last week. With Cary Grant and Loretta Young. Watch for that one if you haven't seen it recently. And of course, there's Millions with the cutest little boy ever.
God bless us everyone...
Love, Sue