Saturday, December 09, 2006

Things you don't see everyday

Hi everyone:

After a lazy morning in bed, Patty and I left the hotel early this afternoon, stopped for a quick lunch and returned home to relax by the fireplace. Patty has felt pretty nauseous and tired for much of the day, although as I write this she is mostly just fatigued.

Kevin and Sharon stopped in briefly with Jake, Declan and Brian (Mike's son) after a Christmas tree search near Plainfield. We chatted and watched Dirty Jobs and Reno 911! (both very funny, and very different, shows.)

As our guests were leaving, Jake said, in a matter-of-fact way, "Hey, why is there a torn-up rabbit in front of your house?" Before I could really even absorb the question, I looked to where Jake was pointing and, sure enough, there was what was once a rabbit, covering an area about three feet square. All it would have needed was a statue of sticks to be straight out of The Blair Witch Project. We're presuming a neighborhood cat or dog is responsible...unless somebody is trying to send us a message.

After I had registered enough shock, I went outside with a garbage bag and shovel to clean up the mess. We decided that Patty, in her condition, should not really be handling entrails. But, just to give you an idea what a prima donna she is, when I came into the family room with one of the rabbit's legs for good luck, she actually ran away from my gift. I just don't understand women.

More soon...most likely of a less macabre variety.


P.S. I decided against posting pictures of our little "discovery" this afternoon -- you're welcome.

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