Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The kids are off for Christmas break (yippee)

Hi everyone:

Patty started this morning feeling very nauseous, with a strong headache. She slept through much of the morning, and had a decent nap later in the afternoon. She seems much more energetic this evening. The absence of milrinone has been a bit of a mixed blessing, as far as I'm concerned -- Patty feels more like a real person, especially in public, but it seems like she's forever fatigued.

The kids are now off until January 3, so we'll have loads of time to spend with the children. You'll recall I mentioned mixed blessings?

Today was another day in which we were the beneficiaries of more incredible generosity from Patty's ever-growing army of guardian angels. At the end of the school day, we picked up Connor, fourteen wrapped packages from our local Old Navy (two for each member of our family) and a check from the staff and students of Churchill Elementary.

I feel a bit embarrassed to say this, but as we pulled away from the school, I broke down. Thankfully, I've spared myself and others this scene much of the time, but I let one get away from me. Much of the emotion was simply awe at how kind people have been to us, and at how Patty remains in the thoughts and prayers of so many. The darker, more selfish side of me was, I think, feeling sorry for myself -- I just don't want my wife to be sick anymore. I will say, though, that more than at any other point in my life, I am feeling a much more profound sense of what Christmas is supposed to be. I know that Patty echoes these exact sentiments.

Connor is hosting his friend Alec for a sleepover tonight; they are hard at work making sure XBox remains a popular gaming platform. Kelly is completing a gingerbread house; it looks great, and fulfills a decorating wish Patty has held for a few weeks now. PJ has been helping his mother with a seemingly endless stream of small requests. Patty and I are sitting around being slugs. All is well in the world.


Kelly the builder

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Denise said...

Interesting isn't it how even at "Our" age, after all of the lectures from our parents, and "Wonderful" movies, we are still learning the true meaning of Christmas. It's a blessing in disguise. Just think, some people never get it!!

So, fess up...are those Old Navy gifts under the tree or did you guys tear into them already? What a great thing for them to do for you guys!

Thanks for having Alec over last night! Good to see that the boys are working on their "Christmas Break Xbox calluses".