Sunday, December 17, 2006

A day late and several dollars short(er)

Hi everyone:

I'm sorry for not posting a message yesterday. We didn't get up until later in the morning, and then I left shortly thereafter to tackle some Christmas shopping. Isn't it amazing how quickly a few items in a shopping cart can add up? Five minutes after I returned from shopping, Cindy and her friend Jim arrived for a visit, and then Don joined us an hour or so later.

We had company the entire evening, so I never had a good chance to sit down and collect my thoughts. So, before anyone worries (or worries any more), Patty is just fine. She did have quite pronounced nausea early yesterday, but seemed to come around as the day progressed.

Today, we are watching the Bears game and then going out to run a couple of errands. We will reacquire the children around dinnertime, and will then likely watch a Christmas movie of questionable merit. That's about it for now. Go Bears!!


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