Sunday, December 10, 2006

Phase two of the milrinone reduction

Hi everyone:

Sometime tomorrow, the plan is to discontinue Patty's milrinone transfusion, at least temporarily. I'm nervous about the effect on Patty, as I was when the dose was halved. With the reduced dose, she seems to have less energy than when she was receiving the full amount. We'll keep you posted about what happens. On the plus side, she won't have to lug around the big bag with the pump, so she'll at least enjoy a modicum of freedom.


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Anonymous said...

Brian and Patty,
Since there is no picture of this event, I am thinking it probably looked like the Oct. 16th "Hong Kong Tubey" pose only you attacking yourself:)Between that and the dead rabbit across the lawn it sounds like quite the weekend.
Debbie Burgess