Thursday, December 21, 2006

That's a wrap!

Hi everyone:

Today, much of our household was occupied with wrapping presents for Christmas. Although the photo shows our patient hard at work, she mostly dodged the bullet this year. Kelly tackled all of the O'Mara family grab bag gifts, and I handled many of the kids' presents. Although we exercised some fiscal restraint this year, you'd never know it by looking under our tree. It sure looks like a lot. I'm so happy for the children. Even though we don't have any really young kids in our home anymore, we can still tell our brood is excited.

Tonight will be family fun night again, and this time around I'm calling the shots. Our plan for this evening is to go for dinner at Olive Garden (one of Patty's favorite haunts, particularly since her stomach became a challenge) and then go to the movies to see the new Charlotte's Web. Unfortunately, we'll miss Patrick tonight because he'll be attending a Christmas gathering at the home of a teacher. Next week, we'll have Devin and Colin team up on a family fun night, since it's impractical to work them into any sort of rotation.

Today, Patty is feeling pretty well. I'll write again later if I get the chance.


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