Monday, December 11, 2006

Doing okay without milrinone

Hi everyone:

Well, it turns out that Patty started her milrinone-free existence a little early. Last night before bedtime, Patty's pump beeped to let her know that her present bag of milrinone had run out. Rather than start a full-week supply that would only be wasted, we made the executive decision to pull the plug a few hours early.

Last night, Patty did have some trouble sleeping flat on her back because of breathing problems and, when we went for a short walk today, she also struggled to keep her breath, particularly when speaking. These symptoms suggest to us that she is not thriving as well without milrinone as she was with it, although our plan is to wait and see what happens for a day or two.

I have been working today on getting my office organized so that I can put in one last big marketing push before the holidays. I have also been working on some problems with one of our PCs. Patty did some light work around the house, and is now relaxing on the sofa. In spite of her increased fatigue, she's pretty happy to be free of the extra backpack that has been a constant companion. In the next hour, we plan to pick up our truck from the high school (repairs complete), and perhaps do some grocery shopping.


P.S. While Patty and I were walking today, I noticed the latest entry in the category of "things you don't see everyday" -- leopard-skin pattern thong underpants, size M, nine feet off the ground, in a tree.

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Kevin said...

I took my own leopard skin thong, placed in a tree precisely 9 feet up, and the size tag is illegible. Your story doesn't hold water.