Monday, March 26, 2007

And so on, and so on

Hi everyone:

Patty has felt terrible all day. Her head continues to ache incessantly, and the only real relief comes from taking a medicine that pretty much knocks her out for hours. The photo to the left was taken just moments after Patty arose from a three-hour nap (this after a two-hour nap in the morning.) As much as I miss her companionship, there's something to be said for avoiding pain, even if the only means to that end is to render yourself unconscious.

In the comments from one of yesterday's posts, our friend Dawn shared an article about adult stem cells as a treatment to stall and/or reverse heart disease (thanks, Dawn.) I shared this article with Patty's doctors, who have not yet reacted. I think we raised this idea once in the past and were told either that Patty's heart was too far gone, or that too much time had passed since her heart attack, for this to be a viable option. If I hear a different position, I will share it. The interesting wrinkle in this article that sets it apart from others I have read is that it suggests this procedure helped someone long after they had a heart attack. Interesting...

Patty's spirits seem to have taken a bit of a beating this time around. Clearly, she is tired and frustrated about feeling ill from the side effects of medicines that have yet to prove their merits. I looked back at the blog entries from her previous infusion, in the hopes I could suggest to her that tomorrow will be a better day. Unfortunately, Patty's last treatment coincided with her getting the flu, so it's really hard to predict how long it will take for her to feel better. Let's hope it's soon.


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