Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One more before bedtime

Hi everyone:

Patty is still feeling weak and tired, and through the evening has witnessed a resurgence of her typical post-chemo symptoms. She has had her animated moments, but they keep being chased away by headache or stomach cramps. I suspect we'll be calling our night shortly.

My Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 6-1 in a game crucial to their playoff hunt; I realize this means little to many readers of this blog, but it sure provides me a pleasant distraction at times. Patty even gets worked up by the games -- although necessarily less so than usual tonight. With the Leafs flirting with a playoff berth, and with the White Sox regular season fast approaching, there may well be a lot of sports to keep me company while Patty dozes.

Let's all hope for a better tomorrow for our patient.


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