Thursday, March 22, 2007

A nice day

Hi everyone:

On the day before the next round of Rituxan/Cytoxan, our patient is doing well; let's see if I'm reporting similar things after her next infusion. We hope to break away from my work for a half hour or so this afternoon to enjoy a walk on this beautiful day. Some of Patty's students are coming to the house after school to have Patty look at their portfolios, and just to have some "Mrs. O'C" time.

We were disappointed yesterday that we were never able to reach Devin to wish him a Happy Birthday. Now we have just a few weeks before Kelly's birthday comes around. After tomorrow, the kids will be on Spring Break, and Patty and I will have some kid-free time.

That's all that is happening around here; I'll be back with more when something else happens.


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