Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A big improvement (knock on wood)

Hi everyone:
The Patty of yesterday was but a mere quivering, miserable shadow of the much more vibrant and cheerful Patty of today. We were dragged out of bed at 6:45 am by PJ, who had missed his bus and needed a lift to school. Since we were awake, and as Patty was feeling much better than yesterday (after some very early nausea), we were able to get an early jump on our day. Patty did some adjustments to an e-vite, and we both did some laundry; now, I'm getting ready for a conference call and Patty is getting ready to relax for a while.
I'm admonishing Patty to pace herself in whatever activities she undertakes, because I don't want her to overdo it and end up in bed all day tomorrow. Although she is feeling generally well, she did have a very low fever when we took her temp this morning, so I don't want her to court trouble.
Today is my brother Dave's birthday -- have a good one, bro.
P.S. Patty felt it was important that I mention that she had done laundry this morning; she was afraid blog readers would think all she ever does is rest on the sofa. She speaks the truth -- I've seen the evidence.

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