Monday, March 19, 2007

Two ships passing in the night...

Hi everyone:

The past couple of days have been somewhat chaotic in our home, even in the absence of children. We had visitors both Friday and Saturday nights, and briefly on Sunday; this gives me some companionship during the times when Patty just doesn't have the energy to stay awake and active.
Other than a walk yesterday afternoon (during which we ventured over the the kids' "clubhouse", pictured, which we now think of as perhaps the most dangerous place on earth), Patty and I have had far fewer opportunities than normal to just enjoy each other's company.
I have been keeping crazy hours working on a couple of demanding client/prospect efforts, while Patty has been juggling bridal shower plans, medical appointment schedules and numerous other picky details. I wrapped up my work last night at 5am, just 30 minutes before Patty got up to take Kelly to school for an early field trip departure. I awakened later this morning, just in time to see Patty off to bed for a long nap. And the cycle continues...

Here's the good news -- through the past several days, Patty has felt pretty decent for much of the time. She is still very tired for at least part of most days, and she still has to tackle nausea most mornings before she starts her day, but the past week has been pretty pleasant for her, overall.
Of course, this will all likely change after she goes for round three (or is it four?) of Rituxan/Cytoxan on Friday. On the same day, Patty's blood will again be drawn for the PRA test, the results of which we should have in about a week. If the numbers aren't encouraging, we plan to have a serious conversation with her doctors about what should and should not be part of her future care. I think Patty is reaching the point where she feels she wants to try to do anything reasonable to preserve a healthy future, but is also starting to redefine what she considers "reasonable." Let's just keep our fingers crossed for better numbers this time.

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