Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One more addendum...

Hi everyone:

As I was reading Patty the previous blog entry, I felt some concern that blog readers might feel I'm not being sufficiently positive in my messages, for Patty's sake. At the start of all of this, and months before the blog was conceived, we agreed we would do our very best to understand all aspects of Patty's condition, both good and bad, and that we would share what we learned without any candy-coating. Patty feels that information is vital to her ability to cope with this situation, and I feel the same way. So please don't worry, if you are, that I'm taking the wind out of Patty's sails; we're both feeling that knowledge is one important part of any possible solution.


P.S. It's 3:45pm, and only moments ago was Patty first able to emerge from our bedroom, to make the short trek to the sofa; she's really having a pretty miserable day.

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