Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More walking wounded

Hi everyone:

Patty's biggest challenge today was fatigue; mercifully, she's been blessed with some respite from the headache and nausea, however brief. What's more, since she has been back on the beta blocker (metoprolol), her irregular heart rhythms have been much less frequent. This time, metoprolol doesn't seem to be problematic for Patty's blood pressure, either. These are all good things. However...

PJ missed his third consecutive day of school today. Patty took him to the doctor, who confirmed that PJ has influenza. If there's a silver lining here, it's that he does seem to be feeling marginally better, and his fevers are less frequent. At dinner this evening, Connor complained of feeling cold; of course, when we checked his temperature, it was in the 101 range. Here we go again...

We're very nervous now that our immunosuppressed patient here will be the next in line -- if she picks up the flu, this could get ugly. Doctors opted against giving her a flu shot this year simply because they were worried about side effects, so she's likely pretty vulnerable right now. Please keep your fingers crossed that she'll be passed over for this round of family illness.


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