Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not much going on

Hi everyone:

Patty is having yet another decent day, which may be a bit surprising given that she slept on the sofa all through the night to "keep me company" while I plugged away on a rush project; to be honest, I did keep at it longer because she was in the same room.

We're almost three weeks out from her last Rituxan/Cytoxan infusion, and just days away from her next; I haven't checked the archived messages, but I suspect we would find that Patty fared better the further removed she was from each round of infusions.

We're going out for dinner tonight to celebrate Connor's birthday (yesterday). That's pretty much the whole story about our circumstances; I'll write again if there's anything new to share.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Brian;
You haven't left my thoughts or been excluded from my prayers.It's just that I've been blasting around Key West with Senator Fred Thompson et al, but I'm back now. I went on your blog this morning, and saw the numbers. Tell me what are good numbers,or what are good numbers?

Love and Respect