Friday, March 16, 2007

So far, so good

Hi everyone:

Patty started out the morning feeling nauseous, but seems to be gradually coming around thanks to her potpourri of morning pills (she also has mid-day pills and evening pills.) This may turn out to be a decent day for her, after all.

My original plan for this morning was to meet with a client in Lake Forest, but that was postponed at the last minute. As I eased my frenetic pace and switched from dress pants/sweater to pajama bottoms/T-shirt, Patty said that she was still feeling tired and would likely go back to sleep. I felt she would rest more comfortably with fewer lights on, and as I turned them off I shared with her my thinking -- unfortunately, what came out was that I wanted her to more easily "rest in peace." Oops.

I'll catch you up on Patty when she's up and moving around.


P.S. Amid the sea of blackbirds and chickadees around our bird feeders, I have noticed robins and cardinals over the past couple of days, which usually convinces me that consistently warmer weather should be on its way -- and that we're only a few weeks away from a time when we can realistically hope Sox pitchers will collectively have an ERA of less than 10.00. Fortunately, these games mean nothing...except, of course, the games against the Cubs. Go Sox.

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