Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The flu...anew

Hi everyone:

What a difference a day can make! Aside from the disappointing news about the PRA, we had a pretty nice day yesterday. The weather was so pleasant that we had a fire outside on our patio; Patty, who rarely ventured out for campfires last summer (because of the mosquito factor), bundled up and stayed out for hours.

The kids (ours and several others) jumped on the trampoline and played across many of the yards of the neighborhood. When Patty decided the chill in the air was too much, we moved into the house and watched TV and chatted for several more hours. For a bad-news day, we made the most of it.

For most of the day, Patty was in pretty good spirits, although she was at times philosophical about what our decisions should be regarding future treatment. We even joked that perhaps the weather change was symbolic, and that this was perhaps a turning point both for the seasons and for Patty's fortunes.

From time to time, our thoughts and words would turn a bit darker, and Patty wondered aloud just how much more sickness she would voluntarily endure for the sake of a goal (a new heart) that seems ever-elusive.

Patty's condition today has done little to shore up her spirits. She is feeling very weak, her throat is sore, her voice seems strained and crackling, her head is aching, she's nauseous and she sounds depressed. We suspect that the flu retreated for just a day and is now back with a vengeance. Fortunately, Patty so far has not had a fever to the extent the boys did; if this enters the equation, I suspect we'll be making a trip to Edward Hospital.
The kids have an early dismissal today...sigh...


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