Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sick again...but on the mend?

Hi everyone:

Patty had another very rough morning, with yet another solid round of vomiting, but seems to have come around somewhat as the day has progressed. I'm relieved; I could see that these bouts of illness were starting to drain her, emotionally and physically. She continues to feel weak, but the nausea and headache of earlier today seem to have been quelled.

PJ continues to be felled by flu symptoms, although he seems a bit better today than yesterday. With luck, perhaps he'll be back on his feet (and back in school) tomorrow.

We would be willing to bet we're alone among our circle of friends and family in being able to claim that we shipped vials of blood through the mail yesterday (or at least we hope we are.) The process involves wrapping the vials of blood in several layers of plastic, foam and adhesive packaging, all marked with biohazard stickers and personalized labels. It seems so official and important...and I suppose it really is.

Both Patty and I are feeling that the Rituxan/Cytoxan combination is going to yield positive results. I predicted, with no basis for choosing as I did, that 40/70 would be her PRA numbers for this round; Patty opted not to guess. I really hope I overstated the numbers greatly, because 40/70 would represent progress, but would not make Patty a good candidate.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Brian&Patti;Apologies,computer caught a cold.A massage and a enema seems to have helped. I felt it's nose and it is cold.I am glad to see some hopeful postings.Even though I wasn't able to see the blog.My thoughts and prayers were still with you. For everything there is a season and maybe your Winter is turning to Spring.